Flicker and Fly

For me, photography isn’t only about capturing, it’s about creating.  Without creation or intention, photography tends to leave me wanting.  The photos I am most proud of are the ones I can pour myself into, and through them, express my own personal style.

For this shoot I challenged myself creatively by designing the dress Karly is wearing in the last half of the post out of thrift material.  With the help of my wonderful sewing teacher Dawn, we were able to make the dress a reality.  Dawn and I worked all weekend racing to get the dress ready for Sunday’s shoot.  Down to the final hour, we had Karly fitted with just enough time to chase the lowering sun into the night.  And now for the photos…

Model: Karly Hiscock
Hair, makeup, styled, and photographed by me.

DSC_1679-Edit DSC_1685-Edit  DSC_1733-Edit-Edit DSC_1754-Edit DSC_1798-EditDSC_1779-Edit DSC_1813-Edit-Edit DSC_1871-Edit DSC_1954-Edit DSC_1929-EditDSC_1966-Edit-Edit DSC_1972-Edit DSC_1989-Edit DSC_1995-Edit DSC_1997-Edit



  1. merle bryant · · Reply

    last photo is so graceful,well done.

    1. Thanks, Merle.

  2. Ronia Bitar · · Reply

    These photos are simply amazing!!! Work of a true artist !! Keep up the inspiration!!

  3. April Hazel · · Reply

    You certainly captured her beauty. Great photos!

  4. Bernadette · · Reply


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