There’s a first for everything – Amber and Garrett’s Mayan Wedding

There is a first for everything. A first kiss, a first dance… an aspiring photographer’s first wedding shoot! Gulp.

Perhaps I didn’t prepare myself for how scary it would be to take photos when you have very little control over the unfolding day. Taking pictures is one thing, taking pictures hanging onto the back of a freight train is another.

Despite all the first time jitters I knew that Amber and Garrett were going to be great to work with. From the moment I met them and their families I felt like I was in the presence of friends and they made it very easy for me to be myself. The day was filled with the easy love the couple so obviously felt for each other.

I am very thankful that Amber and Garrett had faith to trust in a ‘newbie’ to capture one of the biggest days of their lives. I hope I managed to do their day some justice. One thing I know for sure is that if you don’t challenge yourself and do the things that you fear most, you will never learn how great you can be.

And now for the photos…

DSC_9795-EditDSC_9904-EditDSC_0129-EditDSC_0181-EditDSC_0201-EditDSC_0242-EditDSC_0252-EditDSC_0410-EditDSC_0150-Edit DSC_0281-EditDSC_9934-Edit

DSC_0313-Edit DSC_0325-Edit DSC_0342-Edit DSC_0363 DSC_0367-Edit DSC_0472-Edit DSC_0496 DSC_0510-Edit DSC_0518-Edit DSC_0531-Edit DSC_0548-Edit DSC_0562-EditDSC_0567-Edit DSC_0672-Edit DSC_0686-Edit DSC_0699-Edit DSC_0715DSC_0726-Edit DSC_0742-Edit DSC_0750-Edit DSC_0762-EditDSC_0863-Edit DSC_0866-Edit DSC_0869-EditDSC_0886-Edit

DSC_0848-Edit DSC_0877-Edit DSC_0955-EditDSC_0937-Edit





  1. Jackie Spry · · Reply

    Sasha, those are great! Photographing weddings can’t be easy, but you did a great job. I felt like I was there! I especially like the bw one of Amber and Mandy and all of them on the wall. And any one with Evelyn, of course!!

  2. dawn parker · · Reply

    Absolutely, stunningly fantastic!!!! All the pics are wonderful! Looks like you captured the perfect moments, and it all looks so relaxed and so much fun!!!!

  3. Joyce Burns · · Reply

    Breathtaking. Brilliant. Wow, Sasha…I am not at all surprised but rather happily reminded of your gift of creating Beauty in a style all your own.

  4. Debbie · · Reply

    Lovely pictures Sasha…you were everywhere that day 🙂

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