Who’s That Girl?

It’s a good day when you get to work with talented friends to create something you’re proud of.  I was both excited and nervous going into this shoot being the first time I’ve styled and photographed a shoot at the same time – thankfully the images turned out even better than I had imagined.  With Grace’s exquisite beauty at the hands of the talented Vicky Mina it was bound to be a success.  I woke up on the morning of the shoot craving red and made the shirt Grace is wearing out of a skirt I found at Value Village months before.  The clothes and the makeup came together nicely creating a fierce yet clean look.  Now for the photos…

Model: Grace Court
Make Up: Vicky Mina
Styled By: Sasha Bitar
Photos: Sasha Bitar

DSC_7985-Edit DSC_8008-Edit-Edit DSC_8082-Edit DSC_8113-Edit  DSC_8211-EditDSC_8117-Edit-Edit DSC_8202-Edit-Edit DSC_8199-Edit DSC_8193-Edit-Edit DSC_8183-Edit-Edit DSC_8181-Edit DSC_8168-EditDSC_8170-Edit  DSC_8162-Edit DSC_8222-Edit



  1. ronia.bitar@facebook.com · · Reply

    I love this … Had no idea you were this talented. Way to go Sasha lee. I had to zoom in and look at the name.. That’s how good they were. 🙂

  2. Kelly Bitar · · Reply

    WOW! Sasha these turned out awesome. You should be so proud of yourself!!! 🙂

  3. Amazing experience and phenomenal work Sasha! I’m so glad we did this. It came together beautifully. You’d almost think we had all day instead of 2 hours! Can’t wait for the next collaboration.

  4. Dawn A> Nichols · · Reply

    WOW!! Way to go Sasha – love your creativity and amazing talent! Awesome – hope we can work together again; you come up with great ideas and I’ll be happy to teach a little sewing skill!

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